Benefits at North Idaho College

A comprehensive and affordable benefits package is available to employees in benefit-eligible positions. Our benefits can also be enrolled in as ala carte options. 

Below is an overview of just some of the benefits offered to eligible employees at North Idaho College. 



Please note: not all positions at North Idaho College are benefits-eligible.  Please see the job announcement of the position you are interested in to see if it is eligible for benefits.

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PERSI (Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho)

Offered to classified staff (paid hourly) only

Employee contributes 6.23% of earnings pretax and North Idaho College contributes 11.04%.

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) - TIAA-CREFF or Valic

Offered to Administrative, Faculty, and Professional (salaried) staff only 

 Employee contributes 6.97% of all earnings, withheld-pretax, and North Idaho College contributes 11.04% (10.39% directly into employee account, .65% paid to PERSI for the sick leave entitlement program).   ORP options are TIAA-CREFF or Valic.



Medical: Regence Blue Shield of Idaho 

Dental: Willamette Dental or Delta Dental (choose one) 

Vision: Vision Service Provider (VSP) 

Life Insurance: LifeMap Assurance Company 

$50,000 life insurance for employee

$6,000 life insurance for spouse and dependents  

Short Term Disability: LifeMap Assurance Company 

Weekly benefit (13 weeks max) - 60% of pre-disability earnings 

Long Term Disability: LifeMap Assurance Company  

60% of employee’s salary at time of disability 

Optional Voluntary Life Insurance 

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Earn monetary incentives for participating in wellness activates, like getting an annual physical, being a non-smoker, and attending wellness workshops.



The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides short-term, confidential counseling for you and your family at no out-of-pocket expense to you. Reliant Behavior Health (RBH), a care management company, provides the counseling, legal, and financial services through your health care coverage.  



Optional account set-up for employee to set aside money pre-tax each pay period to be used for medical expenses and dependent care. 



  • Sick leave

HOURLY STAFF EMPLOYEES: Sick leave accrual is based on hours actually worked.
The accrual rate is .0462 hours per hour worked, so an employee who works 80 hours in a pay period (two weeks), earns 3.7 hours of sick leave that pay period. Hourly staff who work less than 100% of fullt-ime (less than 40 hours per week) will eaccrue less sick leave per pay period.

SALARIED STAFF AND FACULTY EMPLOYEES: The accrual rate is a flat 3.7 hours per pay period. 

  • Vacation leave

    Vacation leave accrual is available for benefit-eligible staff positions only (not available to faculty positions). Benefit-eligible faculty positions have two persoanl days each year that they can use (not accrued).


Months of Service      

CLASSIFIED STAFF Pay Period Vacation Accrual 

Accrued vacation time is based upon
total hours worked in a pay period

 0- 24 months  .0577 hours accrued for each hour worked 
 25 - 72 months  .0692 hours accrued for each hour worked 
 After 72 months  .0808 hours accrued for each hour worked 

Example of hourly staff vacaton accrual in a pay period:

Am employee who has over 72 months of service works 80 hours in two week pay period. This employee will accrue 6.46 hours of vacation for that pay period (80 hours x .0808)


Months of Service      

PROFESSIONAL STAFF Pay Period Vacation Accrual 
 0- 24 months  4.62 hours per pay period
 25 - 72 months  5.54 hours per pay period
 After 72 months  6.46 hours per pay period


  • Paid jury duty leave

  • Paid military leave

  • Protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)

  • Bereavement Leave

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